In our study, fifty-two 3-week-old puppies (18 to 21 days of age) were administered a 1cc dose of NEOPAR®. Prior to vaccination, a blood sample taken from each of the 52 puppies indicated pre-existing CPV (canine parvovirus) maternal antibodies were present (range: 32 to 3,162; average of 522).

By Bud Grimes
Campus Scene Magazine, 
Volume 81 / Number 1 - Winter 2001

If dogs could talk, they would say great things about Dr. Bob Page (Martin ’69). Page, 53, is a practicing doctor of veterinary medicine in Dresden, Tennessee, who also owns and manages NEOTECH, LLC, a high-tech producer of parvovirus vaccine for dogs. His vaccine has saved the lives of countless puppies across the country.

NEOTECH, LLC is excited to release NEOVAC® D canine distemper vaccine. NEOVAC® D is a high titer, modified live, single antigen canine distemper vaccine capable of inducing protection after just one dose. There are many situations in which a single antigen canine distemper vaccine is preferred over a complex combination vaccine containing multiple antigens: