Our Company NeoTech

NEOTECH, LLC is a United States Department of Agriculture licensed veterinary vaccine manufacturer that strictly adheres to the core vaccine principle endorsed by veterinarians, scientists, and dog enthusiast. Our philosophy towards vaccination of dogs is simple, avoid over-vaccination of dogs by only using simple and potent vaccines.

The core vaccination principle states that dogs should only receive vaccines that are safe and effective in stimulating immunity against the most lethal and infectious viral diseases. The core vaccines are canine parvovirus, canine adenovirus type 2, canine distemper and rabies. Other canine vaccines that claim to protect against diseases that do not represent a significant threat to the dog population are considered non-core vaccines. Furthermore, non-core vaccines have limited efficacy against clinical disease and may potentially cause harm or injury.

Although the core vaccine principle applies to dogs of all ages, it especially applies to young puppies. Young puppies have a functional, but underdeveloped, immune system with a limited ability to fight pathogens and respond to vaccination. Therefore it is unwise to challenge the puppy’s immature immune system with non-core vaccines against diseases of little or no consequence.

For many years, scientists and veterinarians assumed that vaccine-induced immunity was not attainable in young puppies due the puppy’s underdeveloped immune system and a high circulating level of maternal antibody. NEOTECH has discovered the 3 keys to stimulating immunity in the youngest of puppies, often after just one dose.

NEOTECH vaccines are presented in single antigen and simple combination forms. Unlike many complex combination vaccines, NEOTECH’s canine parvovirus and distemper virus vaccines are two separate vaccines. NEOTECH discovered that by separating these two antigens, vaccine-induced antibody production in the puppy is much more efficient than complex 5, 7, and 9 antigen vaccines containing canine parvovirus and distemper virus.

NEOTECH vaccines are modified live virus vaccines containing an unrivaled number of live vaccine particles per dose. NEOTECH’s vaccines contain live vaccines particles that closely resemble the wild-type virus, thus resulting in a greater level of protection. The greater number of live vaccine particles per dose permit a short period from vaccination to protection, a high initial level of protection, and a long duration of protection. The greater number of live vaccine particles per dose enable NEOTECH vaccines to stimulate protection in the youngest of pups with a high level of maternal antibody. This often occurs after just one dose.

NEOTECH’s vaccines only contain core vaccines. Since a dog’s immune system has a limited ability to respond to vaccine challenge, an immune response to a non-core vaccination that stimulates immunity to a disease of little or no consequence is a wasted immune response. This wasted immune response is at the expense of a much needed immune response against the most prevalent and lethal diseases of dogs (core vaccines). Since NEOTECH vaccines are void of non-core antigens, protection is only stimulated against core diseases.