In our study, fifty-two 3-week-old puppies (18 to 21 days of age) were administered a 1cc dose of NEOPAR®. Prior to vaccination, a blood sample taken from each of the 52 puppies indicated pre-existing CPV (canine parvovirus) maternal antibodies were present (range: 32 to 3,162; average of 522).

Independent researchers have reported that a CPV maternal antibody titer of 20 or higher can block conventional vaccines from stimulating protection. Fourteen days after vaccination (at five weeks of age), a second blood sample was collected to determine the level of vaccine-induced CPV antibody. Ninety percent of the puppies had a positive vaccine-induced CPV antibody response to only one dose of NEOPAR®. A positive vaccine-induced CPV antibody response is defined as having at least a 4-fold increase in the antibody level between the before and the 14-day post-vaccination blood sample.

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Yes, even in the presence of high maternal antibodies, NEOPAR® induced a high protective level of CPV antibodies against the #1 viral disease of puppies.

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