NeoVac D

Canine Distemper Vaccine – Modified Live Virus


Core Disease Protection
- Induces protection against the most lethal and prevalent respiratory viral disease of dogs, canine distemper virus.

Maximum Protection
- Contains a High Antigen Mass (more vaccine units per dose) which results in: Short period from vaccination to protection Higher level of protection (many times greater than the level needed for basic protection) Long duration of immunity

Early Age Protection
- Stimulates antibody production in the presence of existing maternal antibodies

First Dose Protection
- Antibody production begins after the first dose. Other canine distemper virus vaccines require 2 or 3 doses to stimulate an initial antibody response.

Single Antigen Vaccine
- The only modified live straight canine distemper vaccine available in the United States. It is more efficient in stimulating canine distemper virus antibody production than complex combination vaccines; therefore eliminating the need to use complex combination adult vaccines (commonly referred to as 5-way vaccines) in young puppies.

Dog Safety
- Safe for use in young puppies No post–vaccination shedding of canine distemper virus; therefore, no chance of vaccine induced disease Less likely to produce a vaccine reaction than complex combination vaccines

Ferret Studied
- Not virulent in ferrets as determined by standards set forth in 9CFR 113.306. No post-vaccination shedding of canine distemper virus; therefore, no chance of vaccine induced disease.

Convenient Packaging
- Packaged in a carton of 25 single dose vials of vaccine

Material Safety Data Sheet: Click here to download pdf.

Here is a picture of the label:

label neovac d


NeoVac D
NeoVac D