Bob Page, DVM
Bob Page, DVM

Dr. Page is an Auburn Veterinary alumnus that has practiced in northwest Tennessee for over 25 years. His interest in the canine parvovirus came in the late seventies when the parvovirus was literally epidemic among the dog population with no cure available. Page was seeing the massive dog loss in his practice from the parvovirus and frustrated by the helplessness of the epidemic, decided to investigate.

As a result of this research a vaccine was developed by Dr. Page and put into production. It was the first effective canine parvovirus vaccine on the market and Page was producing the vaccine from his Tennessee state regulated laboratory…and saving his patients.

As with most viruses, a few short years later, it mutated rendering the original vaccine ineffective except to its original virus strain. Page again approached the virus’ mutations…and developed NEOPAR®. NEOPAR® not only killed the initial parvovirus strain but the all new mutant strains as well.

NEOPAR® is now available to the public and veterinarians alike. A vaccine born out of desperate need, it continues to be the only vaccine of its kind as the First…the Safest…and the single most Effective of all the canine parvovirus vaccines available. NEOPAR® continues to be the only vaccine known to successfully combat all known strains of the parvovirus.

Dr. Page continues to practice at his NW Tennessee Veterinary Services clinic in Dresden, TN and oversees NEOTECH, LLC his federally licensed laboratory that produces NEOPAR®.

Considered by Pet Professionals to be one of the nation’s leading authorities in canine pediatric health and kennel practices, Dr. Page maintains an active lecture schedule. He is currently involved in conducting an educational lecture series to educate and to produce the healthiest and the best dogs and puppies.

Dr. Page maintains an advisory position with many of the nation’s show and pet registration organizations, national canine health tracking and service dog institutions.

Bob Page, DVMDog’s Best Friend
Dr. Bob Page was featured in the Winter 2001 Campus Scene. If dogs could talk, they would say great things about Dr. Bob Page (Martin ’69). Page, 53, is a practicing doctor of veterinary medicine in Dresden, Tennessee, who also owns and manages NEOTECH, LLC, a high-tech producer of parvovirus vaccine for dogs. His vaccine has saved the lives of countless puppies across the country.

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