Robert “Tex” Walker
Robert “Tex” Walker, Director of Production

Robert is the Director of Vaccine production at NEOTECH and is responsible for maintaining cell lines and virus propagation.

He has maintained a career in veterinarian medicine for 43 years. He began working for Dr. Page while he was in high school as a veterinary assistant at Northwest Tennessee Veterinary Clinic.

After receiving training from John Black at American BioResearch, Robert began producing viral and bacterial vaccines for livestock and companion animals. At one time Robert produced 27 different vaccines. One of those vaccines was a canine parvovirus vaccine that’s now known as NEOPAR®. Interestingly, Robert Walker has produced every single dose of NEOPAR®. Now that’s consistency!

Robert lives on a farm where he owns and operates a cow/calf operation and raises Llamas and Blue Heelers. He has one daughter and three granddaughters.