NEOTECH, LLC is a United States Department of Agriculture licensed veterinary vaccine manufacturer that strictly adheres to the core vaccine principle endorsed by veterinarians, scientists, and dog enthusiast. Our philosophy towards vaccination of dogs is simple, avoid over-vaccination of dogs by only using simple and potent vaccines.

Dr. Page is an Auburn Veterinary alumnus that has practiced in northwest Tennessee for over 25 years. His interest in the canine parvovirus came in the late seventies when the parvovirus was literally epidemic among the dog population with no cure available. Page was seeing the massive dog loss in his practice from the parvovirus and frustrated by the helplessness of the epidemic, decided to investigate.

Ben Hatler was born in 1976 in Dallas, TX. He resided in a suburb of Dallas until he turned 18 years of age. While in high school, Ben raised and sold Chinese Shar-Pei puppies. As a result of frequent trips to the local veterinary clinic, he became interested in veterinary medicine. Ben moved to Martin, TN in 1994 to pursue a degree in Agriculture at the University of Tennessee at Martin.

Tiffany Browning is the Director of Administration at NEOTECH, LLC.

Tiffany is the voice behind the phone when you call NEOTECH. She also serves as the Human Resource coordinator, Shipping Manager, Bookkeeper and she works closely with the distributors of NEOTECH vaccines. Tiffany graduated from the University of Tennessee at Martin with a Business Management degree.

Heather Hollis is the Director of Quality Control at NEOTECH, LLC.

She is responsible for testing the vaccine to ensure purity, safety, stability, and potency. She also serves as the IACUC Chairperson and is responsible for conducting meetings, inspections, and review of animal protocols. Heather graduated from the University of Tennessee at Martin with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agriculture in 2001.

Robert is the Director of Vaccine production at NEOTECH and is responsible for maintaining cell lines and virus propagation.

He has maintained a career in veterinarian medicine for 43 years. He began working for Dr. Page while he was in high school as a veterinary assistant at Northwest Tennessee Veterinary Clinic.