NeoVac FD

Ferret Distemper Vaccine – Innovative and Safe Vaccine


Core Vaccine with High Antigenic Mass
- Contains only the needed virus
- No nonessential antigens included
- A high titer vaccine that is extremely effective in stimulating maximum levels of protection

Initial Vaccination
- Only requires TWO doses for initial vaccination and maximum protection
- Short period from vaccination to protection

Early Age Protection
- Proven effective in ferrets starting as young as 8 weeks of age
- Long duration of immunity
- Proven safe when administered as early as 6 weeks of age

Ferret Safety
- No shedding of vaccine virus after vaccination
- No reversion to virulence as set forth in standards by the Code of Federal Regulations
- Therefore, no chance of vaccine-induced disease

Stabilized Formula
- The vaccine has a two-year expiration date after manufacture
- Inclusion of a special proprietary stabilizer greatly diminishes chances of adverse reaction

Convenient Packaging
- 1x1 Dose w/ Syringe + Needle
- 3x1 Dose
- 10x1 Dose
- 25x1 Dose
- 1x10 Doses
- 5x10 Doses

Here is a picture of the label:

label neovac d


NeoVac FD
NeoVac FD
NeoVac FD
NeoVac FD
NeoVac FD