A.G. Beukelman, DVM, MPVM

I am a practicing veterinarian in northwest Iowa. I have been in practice for about 34 years - working mainly with dogs and cats. I also work with several hundred kennels and have a kennel of my own. My main breed is English Bulldogs. I have seen many kennels with outbreaks of parvo. I recommend NEOPAR® to shut down the outbreak. I have tried many other vaccines and have found that NEOPAR® works and works quickly.

I am very impressed with NEOPAR® and NEOVAC® DA2. I have many champions in my bulldog lines and I only use NEOPAR® & NEOVAC® DA2 in my puppies and in my adults.

A.G. Beukelman, DVM, MPVM (University of California, Davis Class of 1977)