Nadelhaus German Shepherds
Nadelhaus German Shepherds

Thank you NEOPAR®! I finally have a vaccine that gives me a comfort knowing that my pups are protected from parvo and at an early age!

We had an outbreak of parvo in 2000. My vet said that many of my puppies were too young to vaccinate, so I didn’t! Over the course of the next 3-6 months many litters were infected with parvo. It was devastating!

In 2018 my kennel was infected with parvo again. My heart sunk and panic came over me. I was shocked! I reached out to my breeder friends and one said “I’m on my way with NEOPAR®!” She explained that NEOPAR® was different that the other vaccines. She was right. We vaccinated my healthy litters that were 3 and 4 weeks of age. Even though these young puppies were in the same building as the sick parvo puppies, they did not get parvo! The results of the NEOPAR® vaccination program were much different than my last experience in 2000!

I called NEOTECH and was greeted with a very knowledgeable and calm gentleman who helped me and my puppies get thru the hell we were living! He explained how to properly vaccinate and control internal parasites to ensure the puppies were protected against parvo as soon as possible.

I was sold! NEOPAR® is different and a much better parvo vaccine than I used in the past. I now use it in every litter and will continue to do so!