Jen Nall, Director of PAWS to the Rescue

Approximately 1,500 dogs are received at our shelter each year. Our shelter is located in a poor, rural area, and there are not enough homes for all of the dogs locally, so we network with other rescues and transport many of our dogs and puppies to the northeast. Many of the dogs that enter our shelter are underfed, stressed, and have intestinal worms. Since their vaccination histories are unknown, it is our policy to vaccinate upon entry. When we first began managing the shelter, we utilized 5-way vaccinations, but unfortunately, they failed to protect all the dogs and we had multiple cases of parvovirus each month.

In the winter of 2008, we changed our vaccination program and began using NEOPAR® and NEOVAC DA2®. Puppies also receive a booster vaccination of NEOPAR® and NEOVAC DA2® two weeks later. As a result of this change, we have drastically cut down on our problems with parvovirus. As a small, rural shelter housed in an old tobacco barn, we are so proud to have been able to make such progress against this horrible disease. Now, parvovirus within the shelter is extremely rare, and most cases that we encounter are puppies brought to the shelter already sick with parvo, as their owners cannot afford the veterinary treatment.

We LOVE NEOPAR® and NEOVAC DA2® and constantly sing their praises! The staff at NEOTECH is wonderful and they have been so very helpful!  We highly recommend their products to anyone involved in animal rescue or a shelter situation.

Jen Nall, Director of Paws to the Rescue (Animal Shelter of Marion County, South Carolina)